Radicalize your grandmother.

are you suggesting i radicalize my dead grandmothers enchanted skeleton

skeletons are easily the most capable of revolutionary action as a class. 

#1 most predictable response ever


"Your life experience is different than mine, so therefore it isn’t real."

All day, every day, forever and ever amen.


A White person calling a Mexican an “illegal alien” or Muslims “Terrorists?” if that aint “the pot calling the kettle black.” lol

Europeans invaded countries all over the world TERRORIZED the indigenous people there and than occupied their land without their consent. Know your history. Kermit done got conscious yo!

#SanCophaLeague #Kermit

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Palestinians don’t have to pay people to tweet. Millions around the world are naturally outraged. (Photo via @GazaYBO on Twitter


"You plagiarized a sentence in an essay? Expelled & we’ll make it hard for you to enroll into another school ever again."

"You raped and assaulted a student on campus? You can come back to school."

fuck the education system


can straight white people even fall in love? I’ve never seen that in a movie before




all love should be conditional. those who would hurt you do not deserve your love and that is a perfectly acceptable condition.

The problem is that all human beings are flawed, therefore even the best of us will slip or get selfish and end up hurting those we love most. The more you love someone the easier it is to be hurt by them because as you grow closer, more and more walls come down. And as that happens more and more of your flaws come out uninhibited by the now non-existent wall and cause pain.

Living by the above principle is a great recipe to live a closed-off, “me-first” kind of life which WILL leave you old and alone. The people who get the most out of life are those who give the most. Focusing on others is a much better recipe for fulfillment than living with walls and hoarding your own joy and fulfillment.

Probably the worst part of the above quote is that it says “All love”. Parents should NEVER have conditional love for their children. When I become a parent I want my kids to know that there is literally nothing they could do to make me stop loving them.

idk all living by this principle has done for ME is made me stop being abused because i got the hell out of dodge when people treated me terribly. i now am surrounded by people who make a point not to hurt me! it is a very healthy way to live, because those i love dont hurt me and i make a point not to hurt those i love. 

also i guess i see what you mean, yeah, though even with children some conditions can apply (i wont love my child if they are a murderer or sexual predator, for instance). my bad on not specifying more though.

however i still stand by the main sentiment. unconditional love is what led me to believe i had to love the people who beat and abused me, and i did not deserve that, that was a perfectly acceptable condition to uphold.



Damn straight there’s a Bisexual Agenda.

It’s to replace all cars with trained pterodactyls by 2025.

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